The Alliance has progressed over the years and has been working with local faith groups. In 2007 we created an interfaith group called Abrahamic Roots, which is a sub-group. This sub-group provides the opportunity for both Christian and Muslim women to learn what they have in common and also looked at the differences between their religions and cultures. Thus helping to build better understanding, harmony and shared values. We are now looking at expanding to other faith groups, within North Lanarkshire.

Once we started the interfaith group we found out both Christian and Muslim women had similar concerns and issues, such as: family, society, gender roles and their holy books. Through this revelation we created our vision statement and aims.

Vision Statement

To develop close friendships, to help create mutual understanding within our local community

Aims and Objectives:

  • Show God’s love for all people

  • Build good relationships

  • Form bonds of friendship and understanding

  • Dispel the myths surrounding both communities


We have monthly group meetings, we go out for different worldwide cuisines, arrange religious celebration events, take part in cultural events, such as art and cooking classes. We have visited many holy and historic places within Scotland, such as: Iona, Edinburgh Mosque and Scottish Parliament.


Here are some of the topics discussed in our Monthly meetings:

  • Holy Books, Qu’ran and Bible – History

  • Jesus and Mohammed( PBUT)

  • Peace and Forgiveness (Religious tolerance/extremism/ terrorism)

  • Women’s Status in Islam and Christianity

  • Story of Mary and Birth of Jesus

  • Jesus life, teaching, death, resurrection ascension

  • Fasting in Islam and Christianity

  • Easter, Christmas, Eid ul Adah, Eid ul Fitar why and how celebrated

  • Prayers in Islam and Christianity


Within the group we created an opening and closing prayer, which represents Abrahmic faiths, such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

Opening Prayer

God Almighty. Creator of the World, Giver of Peace,

We thank You for the wondrous variety of Your people.

We entrust to You this time of learning and discovery together.

Be in our words, our thoughts and our actions and help us to be builders of peace. Amen.

 Closing Prayer

God of Abraham, we thank You for  this time together.

Help us to be aware of You in our thoughts, our words and our actions until we meet again.   God willing. Amen.

If you are interested you can attend our monthly groups, which meets on the last Saturday of each month, at Old Monkland Community Centre, Coatbridge at 1pm till 3pm.


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