Voice for Voiceless (VV) is a Community based group from ‘Friends of Humanity’, which organises all types of women to voice for the voiceless. We want to empower women to take action in the elimination of suffering of all women and children. The project grew from the ethical persecution of Rohingya Musilms, in Naymar (Burma). We felt we had to take action as global citizens, to help support the vulnerable and try to look for peace, in areas of conflict around the globe.

Vision Statement

The project wants to raise awareness in matters affecting women, children and the vulnerable in areas of conflict.  We will be workings towards eliminating the suffering of these women and children across the globe.

Aims and Objectives:

  • Creating Champions for peace within our community and in areas of conflict

  • Empowering survivours of various abuses

  • Raise Awareness of suffering and needs in areas of conflict

  • Raising funds to support women and children in refugee camps

  • Visiting and documenting areas of conflict

  • Creating campaigns and petitions

Work and Engagement

Fellow members have visited and supported Syrian refugee camps in Turkey and Lebanon, with the WCF. It was an eye opening trip seeing the suffering of innocent individuals.

The group has raised over £10 000, to contribute towards the wellbeing of refugees and an orphanage in Coxes Bazar, Bangladesh.

We have participated in many conferences and seminars promoting our causes and learnt good practises from other organisations.

We are following many various International organisations, regarding repatriation of the unfortunate 700,000 Rohingya Muslims back to Rakhine state. The group is in regular contact with the UNHCR – United Nation High Commission for Refugees. There are 68.6 million refugees in the world displaced internally and externally and UNHCR have an exclusive excess to this due to its UN mandate. We are looking at becoming a member with UNHCR, for the wider benefits and access.

A pilot project has been discussed with our partner group  to explore people’s awareness in the camps and how to prevent it.

Members (To join)

We currently have over 15 members working towards our vision of eliminating the suffering of women and children in areas of conflict, across the globe. If you would like to join us and become a champion for peace, then please contact us on  07445405350 or email us on


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