The Alliance has progressed over the years and, working with local Christians, developed in 2007 an Abrahamic Roots Group. This provides the opportunity for both Christian and Muslim women to learn what they have in common and to look at the diff erences between their various cultures. Thus we help to build better understanding, harmony and shared values.

In 2012 we started our Befriending Group (new to Islam) in partnership with Friends of Airdrie Coatbridge Islamic Centre (FACIC) which provides information and enquiry classes on Islam to people who want to know more about our faith. This group also provides information and support to their families irrespective of their faith or no faith.

2016 saw Syrian Refugees arrive in North Lanarkshire. We asked the ladies what they would like and we provide the ladies with English for speaker of Other Languages (ESOL) classes and children’s Arabic language classes. This provides the opportunity for them to retain their own culture while integrating into our society.

Following our concern with regard to atrocities worldwide, in which most vulnerable victims are women and children, a Sub Group, Voice for the Voiceless (VV), was formed in 2017. The aim of this group is to work towards eliminating the suffering of women and children across the globe.


The Alliance aims to build the confi dence of its members through education, religious and racial harmony by working in partnership with others. We are a Registered Charity managed by a Board of Trustees, who are volunteers elected by the membership. We are supported by North Lanarkshire Council.


The Charity is established primarily for the benefit of Muslim Women and their Families. In particular the purposes are:

  • The advancement of education through classes, training, presentations and awareness raising.

  • The advancement of citizenship by encouraging better understanding of Scottish law, processes and culture to enable full participation in civic life of their community.

  • To provide recreational facilities and activities including the advancement of arts, heritage and culture.

  • The promotion of religious and racial harmony and understanding through our multi-faith group and also through religious and cultural festivals and multi faith events.

  • The relief of those in need by providing advice, advocacy, befriending,counselling and support services.


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